3D films = Three Times the Fun

Although many of us associate 3D films with the first part of the new millennia, 3D films have been around for over a century.

In fact, the first attempts to create three-dimensional cinemas were recorded in 1915. It is mind boggling to note how the foundations of the remarkably innovative 3D film industry were laid over a century ago.

In this article we’ll learn more about the fascinating technology behind three-dimensional films.

8 mm Film Projector

Why Go Three-Way?

Throughout its long history, the entertainment industry has consistently drawn people to new movies, shows, plays and musicals. Even economic downturns do not seem to stop people from going to the movies.

As a matter of fact, economic data shows that people tend to enjoy movies more during hard economic times. Such trends can be seen in the graph below: the number of movie visits increased during economic downswing periods (in red blocks). As a result, the film industry continuously reinvented itself, as viewers demanded more bang for their buck.

History Repeats Itself

Our inherent human quest for perfection can be clearly seen in the evolution of film-making. This quest began in the early 20th century through a new technology called stereoscopic photography, in which two cameras replicated the way human eyes perceive objects. The lenses of the two cameras are positioned as far apart from each other as human eyes are.

Essentially this creates two different “views”, which is then combined with a stereoscope and which enhances “depth perception”. Interestingly a company called Aquro.com has used a similar multilateral platform integration philosophy in iOS and Android mobile applications development.

Young woman is using head-mounted virtual reality goggles

From Avatar to Home Production?

The 1950’s popularized 3D-films as wartime technology spilled over to the entertainment industry. However, it was only in the late 1990s and early 2000s when 3D films reached sufficient commercial success to spur further research & development. Nowadays entire movie productions are shot with immensely sophisticated 3D, 4K, and IMAX equipment. But some say that the 3D era has run its course.

If so, what will the film industry do next in order to evolve?

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