3D on a Mobile Screen


We can now do almost anything on our smartphones and tablets with the exception of a very few tasks. Very recently, we have seen one of the most exciting developments in a long time get even better with the improvements to 3D on mobile devices.

It is truly incredible, and the technology is only going to get better in the years to come.


Since the start of the mobile tech in 2002, the method of showing a 3D image on a screen without the use of glaBoy Using Smart Phonesses has changed very little. That is to say, the concept has hardly changed. The quality has become truly amazing thanks to the advancements in screen technology.

Many companies have experimented with different ways to create the sought-after effect, but the fallback technology is always the use of a parallax barrier. What is interesting about the Parallax Barrier is the device reads the location of the viewer’s eyes and adjusts two different images aimed at the eyes. The images are received by the brain in such a way that the image appears to be three dimensional.

Applications and Uses

There are many movies that can be watched on a 3D screen, but the possibilities for growth in other industries are almost endless. As the screen technology continues to grow, game and app developers are continually creating new and interesting applications for the technology. There are apps for design specialists of all kinds, medical professionals, and engineers that are outstanding in what they can do. Games are also more advanced with each passing year.

Start-up Business Team working by 3D printerPopularization

One of the most challenging things for a tech company is to create a new way to use mobile 3D and spread the word. Luckily, there are companies like internetvikings.com that help get the word out. With the search engine and keyword optimization that Internet Vikings provide, a whole new stream of customers and interested parties are able to find these game-changing entrepreneurs.

Final Thoughts

3D technology is the way of the future and is likely to change entertainment as we know it. As soon as people get used to the immersive experience offered by the technology, it’ll be difficult for them to go back to the flat screens of today.

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