Shooting Plants in 3D

If novice filmmakers are thinking about shooting in 3D for the first time, then they could practise on one particular object. For example, a plant will be perfect because they are so commonly available. Flora is also featured in a range of different cinematic genres. The app Planta will help in numerous ways during the shoot.

Ensuring the Plant’s Heath

Anyone who has worked on a 3D film set will know that setting up shots can take a very long time. The plant needs to stay healthy while these preparations are being made. If not, it could lose its shape and colours before the images are captured. The app from Getplanta will prevent this from happening. It gives users tips on prolonging the life of individual plant species.

Considering the Brightness

The app also contains a handy light meter that informs people of suitable plants for a particular environment. For example, when filming using 3D cameras, the light levels will be a big concern. There is a vast brightness loss when these types of movies are projected. One method for minimising this is to capture the plant on film using a higher level of lighting. If moviemakers opt for this technique, they must choose flora that can handle excessive illumination.

Finding Interesting Species

Modern films are often criticised for being too generic. Artists who want to make a name for themselves should try something original and different. When it comes to capturing plants in 3D, they could choose an interesting genus. If they see one in the wild, Planta will identify it for them. It is essential to use plants that have body structures that will “pop” in 3D.

Preventing Piracy

One of the main reasons for the rise in the popularity of 3D is its anti-piracy uses. It is much harder for people to steal film imagery when it is presented in this format. To do so, they would need specialist equipment. The demand for such content is also too niche. Filmmakers can therefore have more confidence that their flower footage will remain safe from this type of crime.

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